Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh My,

Has it already been a month since my last post?! For that I apologize, but as you teachers know, when districts start implementing new curriculum and new teaching models, things get hectic and time gets away from you! In the last month I have wrapped up Quarter 1, implemented a new writing unit, had conferences, and have been coaching basketball! So YES I have been busy!!

However, I have NOT forgotten about this! As we are coming to the end of introducing and teaching double digit and triple digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, some days I feel students got! Then sometimes I can hep but feel that they are clueless sometimes! But that is ok because we WILL be continue practicing this for the rest of the year, and they WILL get it by the end of the year.... I hope!

But in honor of the tricking addition and subtraction I am sharing some FREEBIES! These Freebies are glimpses of larger collections that I have in my TPT store! SO take a look and let me know what you think! I am always up for suggestions on how to improve or new ideas and approaches! So enjoy!


Have a Wonderful Halloween!! More Fun activities coming soon!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fact Family Fun!

Happy first day of fall!!

In honor of the first day of fall, I am sharing my fact family packet I have made!

It is a great way to introduce or review fact families with your class! It includes visuals and break downs. It also starts with the students just filling in one of the missing numbers from the triangles and releasing them to filling in the complete addition and subtraction sentences!

This is a great tool to use as independent practice, an assessment piece, or even homework!!

It also plays into the new common core standards!!

Hope you like my posting for today!!

Thank you to those who take the time to see what's new! If this is your first time here, and you like what you see, please leave you input and follow me!!

Thanks again!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beginning of the year chaos!

As many of you teachers know, the first couple weeks of school are always chaotic! You're working on getting to know your kids. Also, trying to get them into routine and teach them your new routines! It seems like there is never enough time in the day!

Especially this year, my school has gone to a co-teaching model! I, myself, am the general ed co-teacher for second grade! Sadly I share my wonderful co-teacher with first grade! (yes we are a split co-teaching model this year) So of course it makes things interesting when I am alone with these children with out my right hand girl/co-teacher!! But so far, we are surviving, and my students this year are wonderful, it is a total different group from last year! 

Three full weeks, and everything is still running smoothly and under control! (*fingers crossed this trend continues!*) All of our beginning of the year testing is done, we're slowly settling into our day to day routines, and I'm really getting to know my students and vise-versa! I even survived out Open House this year already! So this is why I have been busy and is the reason for my lack of posts!

But to share a goodie!!

My classroom theme as you have seen is Monsters!! So at the beginning of the year activity I like to read 
and have students create their own monsters and then write about it! So of course I created something! and when you allow students to be creative themselves, they won't disappoint! here are some examples!

They had so much fun creating things and writing about them! You'd be surprised how much you learn about your students, just from doing a fun, hands on, creative activity like this!!!

If you like what you see here, you can find it in my TPT store!
So I know I am new at this blogging thing, and may not get many viewers, but I am going to continue, because what is the harm! Someone will come across these hidden gems one day!

To those that do come across this page and enjoy it, please share it with others!!! I love to share what I have, and I love input and hearing what others have to share!

But for now! Have a wonderful weeeeeek!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where has time gone?!!

It was like just a couple weeks ago I was packing up my classroom for summer, and here I am, finishing lesson plans, name tags, and summer readings for my First day of the 2013/2014 school year!!

YES! That means tomorrow I am officially back to work full time. My classroom is as ready and can be, I am "as ready" as I can for district meetings tomorrow, and I am VERY excited to meet my new little ones on Tuesday!!

Now I don't know how things work where all of you guys are, but this year our first day is a FULL day of school. Maybe to some, that is completely normal, however, it is not something I am use to, even when I was in school myself. I have been trying to think of the best way to keep these kids engaged and focused ALL day!

So for my FIRST Website freeeeeeebie, I am offering my "WELCOME BACK to Second Grade Packet" to the first 5 People that Comment me with their email! I don't know if this will work, because I probably have a readership of like 2, but why not give it a try. Everyone loves freebies, and this will be the first of many!!

This Packet is featured on my website, however, I am offering it for free. But feel to check it out there!

Otherwise, this is it for today! Keeping it Short and Sweet!

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Here is to a successful 2013/2014 school year!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Classroom Prep!

So, it has been a crazy hectic week! We were allowed in our classrooms this last week to start setting up. For those of you who can remember the beginning year of teaching, my first year was all playing keep up. I was trying to just stay on top of it all and get by. Now this year, although I am still no expert, I feel I have a much better understanding of what I WANT to do, and how certain things should be done! It also doesn't help that I can be a spaz sometimes and just want things a certain way!!

So here is a glimpse of some of my classroom!! My classroom theme is Monsters!!

So for my Student of the week, here is my Mon-STAR of the week board:

The poster is from my Local CHALKBOARD store!

Below is my Word Work all for Daily 5! I use a smart board slide with students pictures. They drag their picture to the station of their choice. If they choose word work, this is where they come! Depending on what day it is, students will pick the activity of their choice. Each day of the week has a bin that has all the corresponding activities. The students pick their activity, gather their supplies, and find a quiet spot in the room to work!

This is my calendar board! As you can see, it still has May up from the end of last year! CLearly I need to fix that! =] I also have my job board, Monster-ific helpers! All this is also from Chalkboard but can be found at several different teaching stores!

These are my classroom rules! Out of all the ways to display and write rules, this one was my favorite. I found the initial idea of the rules form Pinterest! Then just created it my own way to fit in my room!

Listening bodies: I will listen and follow directions
Raised hands: I will raise my hand to share my ideas
Helping hands: I will use my hands for helping.
Walking feet: I will walk in school and be safe
Quiet mouth: I will use soft voices
Caring hearts: I will use kind words.

^This is my display board in my classroom for student work! "Doing our Furry Best" to play off my monster theme! 

Outside my classroom, I have cork strips. These are used to display student work! So this is my initial display! When the students come in, they will each create their own monster to put on the board, and their monster will hold the different work I put out here for display!

So One week from this Tuesday, Children will be entering my classroom to start of the school week, so as you know, their is still a lot of planning and organizing before then!!

I hope you like what you have seen so far! Please spread the word if you do!!

and Stay tuned because I will be offering freebies sometime later this week!!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

So I finally did it!

I completed my first year of teaching last year. After trying to make it through the year in one piece, I have learned a lot of do's and don'ts... a lot of what I like, and a lot of things I want to change. On top of coming accustom to the changing world of teaching, I also am taking on the new Common Core State Standards! A Total different world from the state standards I learned in college. So after so long of having people just hand me things, or looking and resources that may meet the standards, but not the needs of my students, I decided to start making resources that not only meet the CCSS, but also the needs of children in school today!!

Therefor, I first started up just making things and posting them on teachers pay teachers! Then I decided during my wonderful, crazy weather, summer off, that I would start the blog to not only promote what I am trying to do, but also get input and comments back to help me out!!

So for my first post today, I am going to share a FREEEEBIE!! Since we are all getting ready to get back in school, and all of in the primary grades know how important establishing classroom management is, I am sharing the Behavior Clip Charts I have made!

This can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store with a bunch of great other resources and activities! There are three different style options to choose from. All you have to do is pick the one you want to use, print it out on paper or card stock, laminate it, add some clothing pins, and you have yourself a behavior chart! In my classroom, I have a classroom treasure chest that I bought at Michaels that is filled with a bunch of small trinkets. When a student or students reach Outstanding, and are there at the end of the day, they get to pick a prize! However, you can also have things such as homework passes, choose where you sit passes, and things like that as prizes too!

So that is my fun share of the day!! If you like my work and my site, please share it with others!!

Thank you!