Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy 100th Day of SCHOOL!!!


After all of the crazy weather and "snow days".... We have finally made it to the 100th day of school! So today we are celebrating! We survived 100 days of school and are 100 days smarter!!

So for the special occasion I thought I would share some FREEBIES for the occasion!

This packet has a bunch of fun activities that kids can do as time fillers, or when they finish early they can work on it too! It includes activities such as:

Writing: "If I had $100.." "I wish I had 100..." "When I am 100 years old..."
Puzzle to color and create
color the numbers to reveal a secret picture
How many ways can you make 100!

and then 5 different hat templates!

These are some examples from my room!!

So go ahead and visit my TPT store and enjoy these great freebies!! 

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Graphs... Graphs... Graphs....

  This week, we are starting our graphing unit! There is so many fun activities that can be done with graphing! I have several that I plan on sharing! However, I feel it is essential to start from the beginning, introducing the unit!

To get started I have some FREEEE posters to hang up as visuals for the unit! See them below:


They are both free! But allow you to pick the best one to fit your likes and your classroom!

I understand that line plots are not necessarily a graph, however, they do pose as a great introduction, and help later when we do our measurement unit and students have to create a line plot based off of measurements! The line plots are great to start explaining HOW data is collected and then transition it into how graphs are created!

As we work through this unit, I will be sure to share more of the graphing fun! But for now... ENJOY!

Have a wonderful weeeeek! <3

Monday, January 13, 2014

What TIME is it?

As our first unit of math back at school, I have started to teach telling time. It's harder then one may think, especially in today's day in age when you can instantly get the time digitally with no need of knowledge on how to tell time on an analog clock. However, it is an important life skill, and of course it is a common core state standard!

So on top of my telling time products in my TPT store... (Which can be found HERE)

I have created a reminder poster of the different parts of the clock! This will be added to the store SOON! However, I thought I would share it now! It breaks down the hour hand and the minute hand and what they do. As well as AM and PM!

I also have this wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEBIE! This is a make your own clock! There are two different versions! My favorite way to do this so far, is I have the students color the hour hand 1 color, and the big clock numbers the same color! The students then color the minute hand another color, and they color the outer ring the same color! This helps students make the connection of which numbers are told by which hands!

Happy Monday All! Hope you have a fantastic week! =)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

New year, New Goals!

Everyone is setting new year resolutions! I guess you could say that I have one too! I have spend my break catching up on planning, and getting my self all situated for the rest of the year, well the best I can anyway! Although, I will be starting my masters program, my goal is to be more faithful to my blog! I know I have a very small following. I can only hope that will eventually change! In order for it to change, I have to make it more vibrant and give readers more of an attraction to read!

So here we got 2014!!! I have created so many goodies that I cannot wait to share! I have so many great ideas for the upcoming quarter that I also cannot wait to share! So keep checking back, because I promise there will be new goodies for your viewing!

As you know, the midwest, as well as much of the US has been hit with the arctic blast! This has resulted in my winter break being extended 2 extra days! YAY! (not) I will not be saying YAY at the end of the year when we are making these days up! But I have been extra productive and have great activities to share!

So to kick off the NEW YEAR! I want to share with you 2 winter reading activity packs that fit in perfectly with the cold snowy weather!

Both of these activity packs are common core aligned! They include Story maps: