Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Meet Up!

Woo Happy Monday, and Happy LAST day of July! Today I am linking up with some friends over at the Teaching Tribune! Such a great way to connect and reach out! This is my first time and I could not be more excited! So here we go!

Today we are writing about what we are thankful for!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer time!

Summer break starts, and time already starts to fly!!

We wrapped up school May 29th! Starting June 2nd I had iPad "training" in the morning because we are going 1:1 with iPads next year. Then in the afternoon I had ELA committee where we are currently working on our new ELA curriculum. So I was busy with that my FIRST week of break. Then the 2nd week of break, MY district has sent me out to Minnesota for a PLC conference! We left the 10th, and came back the 13th. So much taken in and it was a lot of fun! Definitely a great experience to bring back for the new school year.

Now here I am finishing up my 3rd week of summer break, and know what I started this week.. SUMMER SCHOOL! dun dun dun. I am working the ESY (extended school year) program through our LASEC program. This is a complete change for me, but one I am excited for! I am working in a primary classroom with 10 students. The spectrum of need is wide, so it is taking some adjusting to getting use to and working in working on such diverse needs and goals! This is my first time playing the role as the actual special ed teacher! So getting adjusted to this during this last week has been a challenge, but a great learning experience and has definitely pointed me in the right direction to make this a great experience for all of us!

Not only that, it has lender me many more ideas for great products to share with all of you!!
So I apologize for my lack of writing. I do plan on working on several projects to share with you this summer! So check back! Also... Follow my TPT store for updates and great products!!

Please also feel free to contact me with any requests! I love inspiration and cause to create new and meaningful products!

Until next time, keep enjoying summer and see you soon!