Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!!

My oh my....

The end of 2014 really got hectic. I know you've all been through those times when you're getting through day by day, looking forward to a nice relaxing break!

Right before break, my district also decided to introduce a NEW spelling program and have us Pilot it starting AFTER break! So, yes, I've been busy. But as the usual traditions I have set some new years resolutions! Aside of the personal ones, one of my resolutions was to really get into a routine and dedicate time to my blog and TPT! I have plans of hopefully owning my own home one day, and if I can get my TPT strong and efficient, hopefully that will help me out! I even worked with a wonderful blog designer to get my new unique, custom made bog design! She was absolutely wonderful and I HIGHLY suggest you check her out if you need a new look for your blog!!! Her link is at the bottom of my blog!

So I am back! and hopefully able to supply you with some helpful, useful tips, new ideas, and great products!

Starting today, on my "cold" day off as the midwest has another below freezing day, I am linking up with The Hickman 5 for "What's new Wednesday!" This is a great link parties that help TPT authors get out their newest paid and free product! Head on over there to check out what other people are offering!

First up, I have my newest paid product! Right before winter break we were working on skip counting. I am a huge fan of task cards, I feel they are a fun way of getting students up and practicing a skill. They also help inform the teacher of any parts of a skill that may need some more help. So check out this product!

Skip Counting Scoot - CCSS aligned!

Next up is my FREEBIE! Again they are task cards. These are my Missing number task cards. They are a great introduction to teaching students how to  figure out the missing number. They even have a QR code for students to check their answers. Sound like something you or a colleague could use in their classroom? Go check out!

Missing Number Task Cards FREEBIE! With QR codes!

Like what you see? Please PIN it to help me get it out there! Also consider following my TPT store for more great products and updates. I also like to emphasize I am a huge believe of making my followers happy! If you see a mistake, or feel that if it was tweaked a little it would better fit your needs, please let me know! I want my products to be exactly what you expected, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Well that is it for now! I am off to see if I should work on my plans for tomorrow, or if we will be receiving yet another "cold" day!

Thanks for stopping in! Come back soon!