Sunday, March 23, 2014

More More Measurement!

We have wrapped up teaching measurement! (thank goodness!!) It still is not my favorite unit to teach, however, after we got past the part of the standard that required students to compare the difference between units of measurement, it got a lot easier!

So as we reviewed measuring, and worked more with measurement, I decided I wanted to do more hands on measuring and comparing, but in a fun way!! So I created the following math centers for students to work on!

There is an inch and a centimeter pack!
Both packs have 3 different centers within them. Each center is a different theme. The students measure the objects in each theme to the nearest unit of measurement, record it on the recording sheet, then answer comparing questions about their measurements!

It is a great way to have kids working hands on and being engaged!

Here is some samples below:

Each center has it's own recording sheet..
and question sheet that allows students to make comparison and then answer it in a complete sentence..

 Please let me know what you think! I love making changes or adding things based off of what people find is helpful or useful!! Learning new things everyday!

Happy Spring! Hope all are doing well!!

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