Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh the beloved Spring Break Time!

I wasn't sure what my plans were for this spring break. I knew that I wasn't traveling anywhere, simply because I feel with only a week off, traveling seems rushed! So I am saving my traveling dreams for this summer.

Therefore, I decided I would not work TOO hard over spring break on things for my classroom. But I did not want to totally do nothing either! Plus, I did have some work to attend to for my masters program.

Now that it is Thursday, and I am back to work on Monday, I am not completely upset with out I spent it. I did my usual running around and getting things done, got my hair done (didn't realize how bad it started to get! oops!), got my nails done, had lunch with my bestie, traveled down town with the boy to visit places we don't always get to during our busy work weeks, and the weekends are just crazy in general! As for school work, I worked with my colleagues on starting our webpage for next year! (A. Next year? I KNOW, but we have to start because B: my classroom is getting 1-to1 iPads next year, and I have to attend a seminar on it the first week of summer, and we need to have it started!)

I have ALSO started my "TRAVEL UNIT" for the last week of school! I am super excited to get started on this thematic unit and will definitely share once it is all complete!

But for now, I wanted to share some fun GEOMETRY stuff! We are having fun with shapes in second grade. So I will share what we have done so far, then be sure to come back because we have more exciting things coming up soon!

Common Core State Standards: 2.G.1: I can recognize, draw, and identify shapes such as triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes.

So to start, I have my posters for geometry. I love having the visuals for the students to refer to as needed!

These can be found HERE on my TPT store!

Next, I am sharing my packet that I use to add on to my instruction. It is great to use as informal assessment after you teach the shapes. I like to teach the shapes whole group, then let students independently work on the packet. It includes PLANE shapes and 3-D shapes as well!




PLUS: Flip, Slide, and Turn AND symmetry and congruent shapes!

These great sheets are all in ONE product!

Find that product HERE on my TPT store!

Thanks for stopping in! Come by soon! =)

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