Sunday, April 27, 2014

Changing it uppp!

I have previously been posting a bunch of math things, however, today, I am changing it up!
Today I will be sharing a little goodie for writing workshop!

My district has just implemented writing workshop this last year! We just revamped out launching unit and made some changes for next year. However, throughout the year, I have made so many changes myself to writing workshop, because I am learning as I am doing, especially with my second graders. However, over all, I have really enjoyed teaching it!

So as I am redoing my writing workshop area of my room, I have made some cute posters to go along with it. So that is what I am sharing here today, the 6 writing traits are very important, and sometimes can be hard for kids to understand.

These pencils each have a writing trait on it, as well has some points that students can use to check their work and check to see if they have the trait.

There are 2 versions! There is the Polka dot version:


These can be found HERE on my TPT store!

I also have a more neutral version that looks like they were drawn with chalk! check them out below:

You can find this version HERE in my TPT store!

I also have a bunch of other great writing workshop goodies that I will be sharing coming up! So keep coming back to check!

Also, if I do get my 100 followers on TPT all of this will be on sale!

I will be back soon to share more! Thanks for stopping in! Come back soon!

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