Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Monday!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! The weather here in Chicago was absolutely beautiful.

So my current goal is to get 100 followers on TPT! I am kinda close at 86, and it would be so exciting to get up to 100! At least at a first goal point!

If I manage to make this goal, I will throw a sale, as well as mark down some of my biggest sellers! So if you see this, PIN IT! help me get my name and my store out there! Follow me, shoot me a comment, and I will return the favor!'

Moving onnnnnn…. I can't believe that we are moving into the end of april already! I have so many exciting things to share these next couple of weeks! Plus as we end this year, I am already planning my classroom makeover for next year, and I will be sure to share with you my new creations for it!

Currently in my classroom, we are finishing up geometry in math. It is always fun playing with shapes. We are wrapping up that unit, and will be starting money on Thursday! Money is always exciting to work with because the kids love learning about it. Now the tricky part of teaching money is that currently, the CCSS for money is simply

I can solve word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies using the dollar and cents sign.

This is tricky because…. it doesn't state that the students can identify the coins…. and it is not in the first grade CCSS either! So not only are we trying to get students to meet this standard, but we have to teach them each coin and it's worth first!

So if you are just starting to teach money for the first time, or even a veteran looking for a new way. The way that has worked for me is using touch money. We have already learned to skip count! So why not use that skill with money to help students count it! I have a packet in my TPT store to help introduce money, learn and identify coins, and practice counting money! This is a great introduction into meeting the standard! Here are some examples of the packet below!

These pages introduce the coins and how to use touch money!

Then practice practice practice!!!


Get this packet HERE!! 

So I will leave you with this introduction for now! I will be back with MORE money goodies! Don't forget to follow my Teachers Pay Teachers store and get me to 100, then get this on sale!!

Have a wonderful evening! Be back soon!

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