Monday, May 19, 2014

In the single Digits!

Man oh man, and to think, I would have been done with the school year THIS Thursday if  it wasn't for the polar vortex! But, I am still hanging in there. 7 school days to go, and so much to get done!

All of my data for my students is entered.. Check!
Students are sorted for next years classes… Check!
Got a estimate of my expected class size next year (13.. holy moly)… Check!
Finally found out who I am/ am not teaching with next year for co-teaching… CHECK!

On top of all of that, I am still slowly re-doing my room for next year.. and I am in LOVE with it so far! I will definitely be sharing on here once I get all the pictures taken and all that fun stuff to help inspire anyone looking for a fresh start next year! I am lucky enough to be able to leave my stuff up this summer, just have to cover it!

As for the goodie of the week…. I want to share my iPad rules posters! Next year my classroom will be 1:1 with iPads and I am stoked! The possibilities are endless and I already have a list of activities to make this summer to use with iPads! So even more goodies coming your way.

Being that this will be my first time with 1:1 iPads, there is a lot to think about! Routines being the first one. Routines have to be established and put into place to help it all run smoothly and efficiently. Classroom iPad rules is the first place I started, and here they are!

They are half sheets, perfect to fit in smaller areas but include graphics to help younger students remember.

These are NOT on my TPT yet… however… this hasn't worked yet.. BUT if I get people who follow, and Comment with their email address, I will gladly send this file as a freebie! Lets see what happens!

I wish you all good luck this week! I will be back soon.

Happy Monday! <3

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