Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's Celebrate!

There are a ton of things to celebrate!

First, Summer vacation to Mexico is BOOKED! woo!
It did NOT rain today for Field day! Double woo!
There are only 2 days left for the school year! Yay!

But the best one, I HIT 100 FOLLOWERS ON TPT! woooo!!!

So to celebrate, I am offering 2 BRAND NEW FREEBIES!
Plus I will be hosting a Sale tomorrow!! wooooo!

First I have my Sail into Summer activity!

Great to review literacy concepts!  Review literacy concepts such as ABC order, making words, antonyms, synonyms, nouns, descriptive words, and making sentences!

Great brain break or just for fun activity that still allows students to review what they have learned!

A great way to get students engaged and interacting with one another. Students will have other students solve math problems they have learned all year long. 

Thank you everyone for all of your support! Please if you are new to my blog, Keep coming back and check out my TPT store! Follow me for great activities and ideas! 

Happy ALMOST done with School Day!
Come back soon! <3

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