Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Classroom Part 1!

SO, Tuesday was the FIRST day of school for the students! As usual, I was a bit nervous. I mean, all these little eyes staring at you, waiting on you, all that fun stuff. However, once they came in and all was settled, of course my nerves settled as well. The first day was fun packer and exhausting. I can definitely say that I slept like a baby last night, and there is definitely NO tired, like the beginning of the year tired when you are trying to get back into the routines and demands of the school year!!

I did wanna share a part of my classroom with you today! Maybe inspire some people who need some idea! So here we go!

 Here is just an overall pick of my room from the door!

Calendar, Jobs, and Schedule Board!

This is the first board to the left when you walk into my room. On the main board is my calendar in the middle! I made the flowery pom pons out of tissue! Then of course classroom jobs and the schedule! on top are the classroom rules and expectations!

Student Work Board!

This is the board I will use to display student work, I bought a white with gray polka dot fabrics to cover the bulletin board, then doubled by border, The banner is actually from target's party section! I used clothes pin and glued tacks to the back to easily hang student work!

Word Work and iPads!

The board to my left is my word work board. I made my bunting banner by hand by simply printing triangles onto colored paper, cutting and laminating! On the right is my iPad rule board. The iPad rules can be found in my store here for FREEEE! Go check them out! Remember to leave some feedback!


Here is my math board! Pretty average, nothing crazy! You can find my double digit addition and subtraction posters HERE in my store for FREE! Go check them out! You can also find my place value posters for FREE right HERE in my store! 

So that was a little peak inside my room! I promise I will be back for more!

See you soon!!

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