Sunday, August 10, 2014


It really has been way to long since my last post! I cannot apologize enough for my absence. However, I am sure you all understand how crazy life gets! Especially for teachers during the summer when not only are you trying to enjoy your time off, but you are trying to get things ready for the upcoming year!

So what have I been up to do you ask? Well where to start is the question!

Of course like I said before, I taught the Extended School Year summer school program! It was definitely an amazing experience and I enjoyed! I had a great group of students ages 5-7! Plus 2 wonderful aides! It was something I would definitely do again!

After summer school ended, I went on our annual camping trips with my dad, sisters, and niece! This trip was especially great because for the first time in a while, me and my 3 sisters were all able to be there! It was such a wonderful weekend with them, and I am really happy that we were able to do it! The collage below shows a lil snip pick of it!!

So after that fun weekend, I got sick... great I know. The week after was my only week this summer of "down time" because summer school was over and I had no official obligation, however, I was sick! PLUS I was getting ready for my first vacation in a very very long time! So my only week of down time was spent trying to feel better, cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, packing, and trying to get last minute stuff done for my classroom because I returned to my classroom right after vacation.

So this is where my BIG THANK YOU comes into place!

I cannot thank all of my supporters from TPT enough. I really enjoying making things and selling, it really is a hobby of mine. I love being able to help other teachers out and help create the classroom they really want. Plus, it is like I am helping out so many more students than those who enter my classroom with the products I create for others. So why am I so thankful, because with all the earnings I have earned from all of my WONDERFUL and AMAZING supporters, I was able to send myself on my first vacation in a VERY long time, thanks to all of YOU! As a young teacher I am still establishing myself, learning to save and plan for my future, plus I use a lot of my own pocket money for my classroom because teaching is really my passion and I want my students to have the best. Thanks to all those you have checked my products out and purchased from my store, it is because of YOU guys that I was able to take an amazing vacation!  I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 7 whole days. It was the best way to end my summer! So relaxing and rejuvenating. So as I sound like a broken record, Thank you thank you thank you all my TPT supporters! Not only do you help me supply my classroom with extra goodies, you gave me the getaway I needed to end the summer.

Here are some pictures! They cannot even capture the fun I had!

So as you can see, I have been one busy bee! I got back from vacation on Saturday August 2nd, then I was back in my classroom trying to get ready! Setting it all up and getting it ready for the kiddos coming in on August 12th!  Pictures of the new and improved classroom will be coming soon!

I promise I am back on track and will be posting much more often! It gets easier once I am on an actual routine and schedule to post and be on top of this! So come back and check out classroom tips and ideas, plus new products and wonderful updates!!

If you teach ins grade and need a product to get your started, check out my new and improved WELCOME BACK TO SECOND GRADE packet! Great to have the students engaged while you take care of all that house cleaning those first couple of days!

Again thank you thank you and please come back soon!

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