Monday, September 8, 2014

RedditGift Goodies!

So today I want to share the program I was very fortunate to participate in! RedditGift is a website that holds many many gift exchanges throughout the year. It is really a fun way to share some cheer and get a surprise in return! In the beginning of August, they held a teacher event! Any teacher that wanted to join could share their story and hope to be matched with a donor!

I work for a fantastic district! However, we are not given an "allowance' or spending limit each year. Sometimes, things add up! So I gave it a try and entered the Reddits for the teacher gift exchange! Then, BAM, I was given a match, and then a found a box of goodies on my door step one day!

I really think it is a great event, and urge anyone willing to help teachers out to take a look, or any teachers looking for some help to take a look! Here is a picture of the goodies!

I urge you to check it out! Click here to Check It Out!

I also just want to give a huge thank you shout out to the person who made the donation! They were very generous and I can't express how grateful and appreciative I am! The little and simple things are what count the most!

Here is to another great week! Have fun everyone!

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