Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Working on Wednesday!

I am linking up with Middle School Math Moments to share what we are working on, on this Wednesday!

What am I NOT working on is the question! Currently in my personal life, I am trying to get things ready for my sister-in-laws baby shower on Sunday! My new little nephew will be here in early November, so this weekend we are celebrating with the shower. So trying to get the favors all set and finalize what I am doing for appetizers!

I am also procrastinating on writing my 6-8 page paper for my grad class! I just have no motivation to write this paper. I feel that we are currently doing a lot go repeating ourself in our current coursework, and I feel like this action plan I have to write, I have already written a variation of it twice, in my other classes! So hopefully at some point today I can get that started!

Finally, I am working on finishing up my smart board for our new ELA unit! We just started our new ELA unit with a them of WILD, WILD, WEST!

I think this unit is going to be a lot of fun, and is definitely different from anything I have done before.  Being able to incorporate informational articles, poems, and fictional stories, all with one main theme. I'm really excited that my district has started to implement this, and I am even more excited that I am on the committee that gets to write them! It is amazing how with the right timeline and methods and questioning, what you can guide and teach your students to do. I love to watch them light up as they make the connections as we move through the unit. Hopefully I can get the next couple weeks done in the smart board because next week, I am off to the IRC! (Illinois Reading Conference)

Happy middle of the week! Have a wonderful 2 more days of teaching!

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  1. You are busy! I love that you have time to write this post too. It always helps me to free writ on my blog when I have a bunch of "to do's". Your Wild Wild West unit sounds like fun!