Sunday, August 4, 2013

Classroom Prep!

So, it has been a crazy hectic week! We were allowed in our classrooms this last week to start setting up. For those of you who can remember the beginning year of teaching, my first year was all playing keep up. I was trying to just stay on top of it all and get by. Now this year, although I am still no expert, I feel I have a much better understanding of what I WANT to do, and how certain things should be done! It also doesn't help that I can be a spaz sometimes and just want things a certain way!!

So here is a glimpse of some of my classroom!! My classroom theme is Monsters!!

So for my Student of the week, here is my Mon-STAR of the week board:

The poster is from my Local CHALKBOARD store!

Below is my Word Work all for Daily 5! I use a smart board slide with students pictures. They drag their picture to the station of their choice. If they choose word work, this is where they come! Depending on what day it is, students will pick the activity of their choice. Each day of the week has a bin that has all the corresponding activities. The students pick their activity, gather their supplies, and find a quiet spot in the room to work!

This is my calendar board! As you can see, it still has May up from the end of last year! CLearly I need to fix that! =] I also have my job board, Monster-ific helpers! All this is also from Chalkboard but can be found at several different teaching stores!

These are my classroom rules! Out of all the ways to display and write rules, this one was my favorite. I found the initial idea of the rules form Pinterest! Then just created it my own way to fit in my room!

Listening bodies: I will listen and follow directions
Raised hands: I will raise my hand to share my ideas
Helping hands: I will use my hands for helping.
Walking feet: I will walk in school and be safe
Quiet mouth: I will use soft voices
Caring hearts: I will use kind words.

^This is my display board in my classroom for student work! "Doing our Furry Best" to play off my monster theme! 

Outside my classroom, I have cork strips. These are used to display student work! So this is my initial display! When the students come in, they will each create their own monster to put on the board, and their monster will hold the different work I put out here for display!

So One week from this Tuesday, Children will be entering my classroom to start of the school week, so as you know, their is still a lot of planning and organizing before then!!

I hope you like what you have seen so far! Please spread the word if you do!!

and Stay tuned because I will be offering freebies sometime later this week!!

Thanks for reading!

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