Monday, January 20, 2014

Graphs... Graphs... Graphs....

  This week, we are starting our graphing unit! There is so many fun activities that can be done with graphing! I have several that I plan on sharing! However, I feel it is essential to start from the beginning, introducing the unit!

To get started I have some FREEEE posters to hang up as visuals for the unit! See them below:


They are both free! But allow you to pick the best one to fit your likes and your classroom!

I understand that line plots are not necessarily a graph, however, they do pose as a great introduction, and help later when we do our measurement unit and students have to create a line plot based off of measurements! The line plots are great to start explaining HOW data is collected and then transition it into how graphs are created!

As we work through this unit, I will be sure to share more of the graphing fun! But for now... ENJOY!

Have a wonderful weeeeek! <3

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