Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

New year, New Goals!

Everyone is setting new year resolutions! I guess you could say that I have one too! I have spend my break catching up on planning, and getting my self all situated for the rest of the year, well the best I can anyway! Although, I will be starting my masters program, my goal is to be more faithful to my blog! I know I have a very small following. I can only hope that will eventually change! In order for it to change, I have to make it more vibrant and give readers more of an attraction to read!

So here we got 2014!!! I have created so many goodies that I cannot wait to share! I have so many great ideas for the upcoming quarter that I also cannot wait to share! So keep checking back, because I promise there will be new goodies for your viewing!

As you know, the midwest, as well as much of the US has been hit with the arctic blast! This has resulted in my winter break being extended 2 extra days! YAY! (not) I will not be saying YAY at the end of the year when we are making these days up! But I have been extra productive and have great activities to share!

So to kick off the NEW YEAR! I want to share with you 2 winter reading activity packs that fit in perfectly with the cold snowy weather!