Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy 100th Day of SCHOOL!!!


After all of the crazy weather and "snow days".... We have finally made it to the 100th day of school! So today we are celebrating! We survived 100 days of school and are 100 days smarter!!

So for the special occasion I thought I would share some FREEBIES for the occasion!

This packet has a bunch of fun activities that kids can do as time fillers, or when they finish early they can work on it too! It includes activities such as:

Writing: "If I had $100.." "I wish I had 100..." "When I am 100 years old..."
Puzzle to color and create
color the numbers to reveal a secret picture
How many ways can you make 100!

and then 5 different hat templates!

These are some examples from my room!!

So go ahead and visit my TPT store and enjoy these great freebies!! 

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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