Monday, January 13, 2014

What TIME is it?

As our first unit of math back at school, I have started to teach telling time. It's harder then one may think, especially in today's day in age when you can instantly get the time digitally with no need of knowledge on how to tell time on an analog clock. However, it is an important life skill, and of course it is a common core state standard!

So on top of my telling time products in my TPT store... (Which can be found HERE)

I have created a reminder poster of the different parts of the clock! This will be added to the store SOON! However, I thought I would share it now! It breaks down the hour hand and the minute hand and what they do. As well as AM and PM!

I also have this wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEBIE! This is a make your own clock! There are two different versions! My favorite way to do this so far, is I have the students color the hour hand 1 color, and the big clock numbers the same color! The students then color the minute hand another color, and they color the outer ring the same color! This helps students make the connection of which numbers are told by which hands!

Happy Monday All! Hope you have a fantastic week! =)

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  1. Thank you for rescuing me on the Monday after a week-long break!! :)
    2nd grade in Saskatchewan